Rock Ethos Bangalore in association with KINGFISHER

A one-of-its-kind rock music festival where top Indian Rock acts come together on one platform. All Rock Music, all the time.

Venue: Palace Grounds
Date: Sunday, 10th Feb 2008
Time: 11am to 10pm

Performances by:
Extinct Reflections, Inner Sanctum, Motherjane, Myndsnare, Galeej Gurus, Whitenoiz, Bhoomi, Kryptos, Threinody, Inviktus, Spitfire, Illuminati and Slain.

A grand inauguration ceremony and carnival is planned. Fireworks, paintball, gaming zones with online and mobile gaming stalls, rock-climbing, a huge food court with a variety of mouth-watering cuisines, a lounge bar, snack bar and coffee shop, and KINGFISHER being served all day, are some of the unique attractions of the carnival.

For more information, visit the Rock Ethos website.


5 responses to “Rock Ethos Bangalore in association with KINGFISHER

  1. Oh man! Oh man! WHAT A SHOW! Was totally blown away! Kudos to you guys for organizing this. Fervently hope that ROCK ETHOS becomes an annual thing. No covers, way to go! Some of Bangalore’s soul came back last night. Few things: Charge for entry next time, the confetti blasts are too ‘pop-group’ types, and let a METAL band close next time please. Thnx!

  2. I thought the concept was great! the turnout was very impressive and the idea of not being frisked at the entrance to me seemed a bit risky (atleast out of safety for the bands!)
    Overall a rocking day with lots of music…some Bands like Galeej Gurus (loved them) & Motherjane were mind blowing and qualitative. They went further to prove that rock music in bangalore isnt dead but only took a 14 year vacation!

  3. @Amit & Nadar: Thanks for your suggestions. We will keep them in mind for future events.


  4. Firstly i want to thank the organisers on behalf of me and my friends for putting on a great show!!Most of the Bands were awesome and mindblowing and the sound was also good enough.Keep up the good work and hope to see some good bands from other states participating next year.Cheers!

  5. What a show!! It was great to see some of the talent that Bangalore possesses! The only sad thing thing was that there was to much metal, calling it rock ethos doesn’t suite the king of mucis being played. My pick of the day was Galeej Gurus! Those guys are going to be the biggest thing that rock music in India has ever had! Here’s saluting them!