Good Times at the Mumbai Marathon 2008

KINGFISHER Mast Mumbaikar

We hope you guys too had as good a time as we did at the Mumbai Marathon on Sunday. Mumbai was out to impress dressed in wacky and outrageous costumes for the KINGFISHER Mast Mumbaikar contest. Check out all the pictures here.


6 responses to “Good Times at the Mumbai Marathon 2008

  1. Mrs. Raji Ramakrishnan


    thanks for supporting the mumbai marathon 08.

    God bless u


  2. Mrs. Raji Ramakrishnan


    when u will be uploading the prize distribution ceremony photos of mast mumbaikar 08

  3. Hi Raji,

    We have uploaded the winners’ photos today. Check them out.


  4. Hi the Kingfisher team,
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your unstinting support of the running community every year in Mumbai and in Delhi. The water that you provide is indeed the fuel that keeps me going on the 21K I run each year.

    Thank you for all the Good Times :-)

  5. Kingfisher, you did us proud on the race day, PLENTY of water flowed down our scorched throths, also please please do visit my running blog & do take part in next years Mumbai Marathon 2008.


  6. yes definitely you have done a good job with just a few seconds or minutes away from the final but thats the spirit. you can do it the next time.
    the site was good with brief details.