I deserve it: Get the limited Swimsuit Special 2008!

I deserve the KINGFISHER Swimsuit Special 2008 Your very own KINGFISHER Calendar! Soon on your wall or in your secret locker: Let us know why do you deserve the limited Swimsuit Special Edition 2008 – 24 pages, signed by Dr. Mallya, Atul Kasbekar and John Abraham and you can get your own edition. Visit /Click the following: Why do you deserve the KINGFISHER Swimsuit Special Edition 2008?


26 responses to “I deserve it: Get the limited Swimsuit Special 2008!

  1. Ladies/Gents,

    Why do i deserve to get the calendar ?

    because …..

    1. My call sign is unique
    2. I am a seafarer and all seafarer’s have a
    passion for sexy calendars!!!

  2. Hello Seacat – pls visit http://www.kingfishercalendar.com to tell us “Why do you deserve the limited KINGFISHER Swimsuit Special Edition 2008” – Good Luck!

  3. cos its just AWES MAZING baby

  4. It’s an exposure of brilliant but glamourous, gorgeous, beautiful Indian models, decent photography skills & Indian fashion industry to the rest of the world and above all the identity of the sober test of great KINGFISHER headed by Mr. Vijay Mallya

  5. I trust kingfisher when it comes to choosing beauties………

  6. As the king fisher catches the fish in style similiarly Atul captures the beauty of women in contrast with the nature beautifully shown on a calender

  7. Why do i deserve to get the calender
    (Be)cause Kingfisher is the king of the good times…….

  8. king of ub s retail wine and spirits sellers

  9. as i want my bedroom wall to get electrified with all sea goddess

  10. i deserve the kingfisher calendar coz i admire mr.mallya and i drink only kf strong!!!!!
    a big fan of kingfisher!!!!

  11. I have a passion for collecting sea scenes with beauties .

  12. I drink Kingfisher, I fly Kingfisher, I have also worn Kingfisher….Now I want to sleep with Kingfisher…the calendar I mean….SEND one FASTTTT

  13. kingfisher is just rocking. The modelz and the flying modelz just blow my mynd. In short they are mynd blowing. Kingfisher is just Rocking…

  14. Vinish Vermani

    well to all beautiful ladies i deserve the calender because i want to keep u all along my wardrobe and have a feel of all u watching me dressed/undressed.

  15. Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar is what makes me feel like a King of my own world, senses included, and moreover, beauty is nothing without the eyes of the beholder and why I deserve the Kingfisher Calendar cause I deserve beauty and no doubt the beauty deserves me also cause I have the eyes of the beholder.

  16. I deserve the calander since i appreciate the artistic collections and beauty with brains. I have heard a lot about the same and at the same time have also downloaded a soft copy. I want to hang the calander in my room at home since i have lots of visitors I want all of them to see and appreciate the collection

  17. i like the way it is designed especially the models, very organized and attractive.

  18. its all about the calender
    why do i deserve KINGFISHER Swimsuit Calendar
    coz i m a sexy dude and i love beauty

  19. Hi everyone,

    You need to visit this page and enter your answers to be eligible for the contest:


  20. Sachin Kotian


    Kingfisher is truly king of good times because it showcases style and class at its best..
    Watever realtes Kingfisher has to be “A” class.
    I truly believe Kingfisher RULZZ…


  21. I am a loyal customer of Kingfisher…….wanna increase my loyalty so want the calendar.

  22. anuj agarwal

    i am a knitwear design student in nift n mr.mallaya lifestyle and his glamour world is boon 2 indian fashion industry…. d calender is a inspiration for me with accessories by christian dior, shoes-jimmy choo…….. man i need dis baby

  23. “It Gives Me a Good Time” Cheeres

  24. Beauty needs to be seen everyday & that too from Kingfisher Calendar… its like you be with them day in day out !!

    Beauty Goshhh !!

    Need this one, please do let me know from where do i have to collect beauties !!



  25. Kingfisher calender 2008 is a perfect blend of nature’s beauty, combining the natural resources and human resources under professional experts.

  26. Coz its Sexy….