KINGFISHER Superstar – Come, Be a Star

KINGFISHER Superstar. Come, Be a Star

KINGFISHER along with Director Teja is proud to launch the biggest talent hunt show “KINGFISHER Superstar” across Andhra Pradesh for all aspiring newcomers, a platform that provides them with a chance to exhibit their acting talent before the Tollywood industry and become a movie star.

Teja, a renowned director famous for making successful films with newcomers, is wholeheartedly supporting this search for new faces with “KINGFISHER SuperStar”. The winners of the KINGFISHER Super Star will be the next hero/heroine in his forthcoming movie. This is a first-of-its-kind reality talent hunt for Acting where the participants are guaranteed the lead role in the movie. The winner could be a male or female.

To participate in this hunt the applicants will have to send in 2 photographs along with details – Name, Address, and Contact Details with Age to Maa TV at this address:

Maa Television Network Limited
Maa Chambers, Behind Topaz Building
Hyderabad 500082
Contact Number: +919948811211

The auditions and ground events are being conducted at: –
Vizag – 17th November at MGM Selvee.
Vijayawada – 25th November at Vijayawada Club
Warrangal – 2nd December at Hotel Suprabha
Hyderabad – 8th December at Annapurna Studio

The talent hunt will choose 12 candidates from all these auditions who will then attend grooming sessions where they will be coached by well known personalities over different sessions.

The auditions and the further selection process that the candidates will undergo will be televised on MAA TV over 10 weeks on prime time.

35 responses to “KINGFISHER Superstar – Come, Be a Star

  1. Hi My name is Ramu
    I resently met Tejasir here in London
    Today I came to know that he si looking for a star hunt , is there any possibilty if i can apply to that contest from here in London
    Looking forward for ur reply
    Thx bye

  2. want to see the pics of this event

  3. Ram: You will need to take part in the auditions being held in one of the 4 cities in AP.

    Hani: We will definitely upload pictures of the event and the auditions and announce it on this blog.


  4. vasanth karthik

    hai iam vasanth karthik from bhimavaram,studing 1st yr in hyd,
    iam very much intersted in acting .i am a good dancer at my own interst inspired by chiranjeevi sir..iwant to play a good role in teja sir direction,its my dream.i can make comedy roles if i get the wonderfull opportunity…

  5. in vizag MGM …Superstars was great …auditions followed with a musical and dance show was great …..beside beach ,,awesome and we got free entry by buying a chilled Kingfisher and event was as cool as king beer……plz upload vizag pictures and when will it be telecasted in Ma TV??

  6. teja sir gives a good chance to all forthcoming talented artists. I want to participate in this contest.

  7. Vasanth: All the best for the auditions

    Ratan: Thanks Ratan. Glad you enjoyed the event. Yes, we will soon be uploading pictures of the Vizag auditions. Stay tuned.

    Anil: You can submit the application at the venue on the day of the event.

  8. can all applicants participate in the auditions?

  9. its excellent…………

  10. hi i am sriram. i am currently working in bangalore. i am pretty much interestd in participating in this contest but i havnt really sent any pic or anything from my side. i would like to give my audition in Hyd. Could u tell me wen is the last date to apply?? and how does it work… Aft i send my pic and deatils , will i get an invitation or something from them to participate in the show????

  11. sorry to bother u again, . since i am not in Andhra as of now, i have no idea wats happenin there,, Now al i wanted to knw is, do i have to dance in the audition or just act a scene. I would be very greatful to you, if u could let me know wat n all i have to pratice on before i get to the audition..

  12. Anil: You can submit your applications at the venue. People will be shortlisted at the venue and only the shortlisted ones will go on to audition.

    Sriram: You can come with your application to the venue (Hyderabad, in your case) and submit it to the officials there. If you are shortlisted, you will get to audition. In the audition, you will need to act out a scene of your choice and also demonstrate your dancing skills.

    All the best!


  13. do we need to fill any application froms and if so were do we get it and is der any last date for submission of the application froms
    but i will be very nice if u take the forms online tat is more appriciable

  14. Hi Iam haji i am currently working in Hyderabad . Iwant to play a good role in teja sir direction its my dream.

  15. hi,

    i am very much interested to participate in this event at hyderabad. you said that we need to submit our applications at the venue. what actually that application means and where’s the venue — king.

  16. interested in the event
    we need to submit 2 photos at the event,and if shortlisted can participate, right

  17. hi im kiran female frm hyderabad…..i jst came to know abt talent hunt ………im north indian but i can speak telugu fluently,im vry much intrested to join tollyword its a big plat form wer we can put our best ….so plz can i know wat r the rounds going to be held in details……..during audition plz reply … kingfisher rocks………

  18. hi im raja from hyderabad.are photos compulsary to be submitted on the day of auditions.?
    can wesubmitthe application on the day of auditions?
    at wat time the auditions starts?

  19. hai every one…. Dr.mallya you rock man…. i drink kingfisher…. and i fly by kingfisher and i love kingfisher…. cheers…. LADIES….

  20. Great to hear that Kingfisher people are coming up with such Inspiring prograams as well….would love to know that wehter thei would be any auditions coming up in delhi as well..wud wait for ur reply.



  21. @Smithi: Application is 2 photographs along with details – Name, Address, and Contact Details. Applications can be submitted at the venue.

    @JB HAJI: All the best!

    @Chethan: Thanks Chethan.

    @Keshav: As of now, there are no immediate plans to hold auditions in Delhi. Stay tuned to the blog for any updates.

  22. @Jagadeesh: At Hyderabad, the venue is Annapurna Studio. Application is 2 photographs along with details – Name, Address, and Contact Details.

    @raja: Photos are compulsory. They are part of the application process. Yes, you can submit applications on the day of the auditions. Auditions start from 9am.

    @kiran: There is going to be a round of acting audition followed by a dance audition.

  23. good morning sir
    iam sajeev looking forward to show my acting skills to be a part in you film sir , hope i will make throught it sir

  24. uppalapati gopikrishna

    gopikrishna: i am very much intrested in acting.
    i had stage expirience from chaildhood like dance & acting.
    i am a best dancer of my collage i got many awards.

  25. Its glad to know about the hunt . I too want to become a actor . It will be great if people like u keep hunting for the actors amoung the locals. special thanks to TEJA sir.

  26. i feeling was verry happy, thanks to teja sir

  27. very good

  28. Dear all,

    Please can any one send me the tittle song of kingfisher super star.

  29. iam very happy about given this chance … my god teja and maatv team……very very very ..thanx kingfisher

  30. Hi,
    Its glad to know about the hunt . I too want to become a actor . It will be great if people like u keep hunting for the actors amoung the locals. but today i got to know that there was a talent hunt show Ooopss i missed an oppurtunity can i have other chance to get into the audition.

    Any way i am very thankful to teja sir for introducing the talent show & to prove their respective talent themselves

  31. In sunday (23 Dec 2007) episode in Maa TV, some girl danced for a telugu song, along with a group of men. The song is a continuous & fast (difficult to listen the lyrics) one and goes like
    Can anyone tell which song that was ?

  32. Hey,

    I wish and hope i would be the one!

    Though am a very simple guy…:-)


  33. Hi,

    this is Ramaiah, I feel very bad that I have missed the TEJA (my favourite Director/Writer) star hunt events conducted by King fisher. I am very interested in acting.

    I am very much interested in either a lead negative role or Assistant Director to TEJA.

    My pictures web site is given above and you contact me through my email.

    Finally: Wish you all the BEST Teja.


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  35. Hi this is furkhan

    Hi this is furkhan i just want to learn Acting and modiling plz let me know. How do i learn Acting i want to do acting in bollywood and tollywood plz let me know which institute is offers best coaching for acting and modelling.