KINGFISHER Metal Fest 07 featuring Sepultura

KINGFISHER Metal Fest 07 featuring Sepultura

Legendary thrash metal band, Sepultura, comes to India for The Dante XXI Tour to perform at KINGFISHER Metal Fest 07.

From Associated Content:

Sepultura has been responsible for some of the greatest releases in the Metal world, and has been dishing out great records since 1984 with the release of Bestial Devastation, and has since been releasing classics like “Arise” and “Chaos A.D.

Come, see Sepultura perform at the KINGFISHER Metal Fest 07:
Date: Sunday, 28th October, 2007
Venue: Hamsadhwani Theatre, Pragati Maidan, Delhi
Ticket Price: Rs. 600/-

Date: Wednesday, 31st October, 2007
Venue: Polo Stadium, Shillong
Ticket Price: Rs. 500/-

Date: Saturday, 3rd November, 2007
Venue: Palace Grounds, Bangalore
Ticket Prices: Rs. 800/- and Rs. 500/-

Service charges will apply.

Tickets are available at


19 responses to “KINGFISHER Metal Fest 07 featuring Sepultura

  1. this is gonna be rockin but ……..alwys wanted sep…….. to come and this is like wow!!!!!! and why is it called metal fest??????? is anyother badn performing?????

  2. Hi Prajwal,

    Yes, there will be Indian bands opening for Sepultura.


  3. who is openin for sepultura in bangalore

  4. This is definately gonna be big.. Thanks to Kingfisher and everybody else involved in this. Thanks to Sepultura for considering India.

    Would love to see Metallica in India… Please make this happen..

    ~Bloody Eddie

  5. hey!!!…seps finally here!!! man hve i been waitn 2 c them!!…m a kingfisher employee…think i can manage to get some passes?;)…..

  6. try getting more of gothic band …..MR. mallya hope u are listining…..

  7. Sepultura gonna perform in India and that to in my city, awesome. I am gonna be there and break my neck. Kingfisher u guys are rocking man…… thanks a lot

  8. Hi Nithin,

    Brahma is opening for Sepultura in Bangalore.
    Hope to see you there!


  9. Brilliant! Much awaited! This is only the beginning (I hope)

    This is going to induce other bands to perform here, specially in Bangalore! Really really hope if Kingfisher could get Metallica, Megadeth and the likes to perform here. It would definitely be a smash hit!

    Thanks Kingfisher!

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  11. Hi its great that KF is bringing such bands to India. Thanks.

    I wanted to attend the concert in Delhi. Can I buy tickets at the venue? How early shud I be there at the venue?

  12. It’s awesome news that Sep is coming here, I’m def gonna be there for the show.

    Though – since the Cavalera bros have left, and Derrick Green the lead – can we expect lots of songs from Dante xxi and Roorback and maybe just a few (or none?) from the classics Chaos AD, Arise and BtR?

    And thanx KF, hoping to see more metals acts rocking here!


  13. Hi Pkr,

    You can also buy tickets at select Baskin Robbins and Planet M outlets in your city.


  14. “wow wow wow wow i just can’t believe dat my fv band in da world is comin 2 Shillong, I’m gonna b tr 4m min 1 till ……………. end.”
    who will open wit them?

  15. “wow wow wow wow i just can’t believe dat my fv band in da world is comin 2 Shillong, I’m gonna b tr 4m min 1 till ……………. end.”
    By the way who will open wit them?

  16. hey only one band openin for sepultura??? only brahma???

  17. KF rocks !! Can you bring Ozzy (Black Sabbath) / Metallica…
    may be ozzfest should happen here in India also sicne that it expanded from the US to the Australia this year.
    One Ozzfest in Bangalore.. thats enough for this lifetime..

  18. wer can i get the tickets xcept online??

  19. Who opened for them in the Delhi concert?