Good time to talk the talk of Miss India 2007

img_4915.jpg We know – you all went through some kind of emotional rollercoaster and maybe you are still in. The King of Good Time is asking the Queen of Good Times at Femina ‘s Miss India: how is your time there? Good times? Hard Times? Tell us here, right now, what you went through. How are your competitors? How tense is it? Who is the hottest in the country – maybe some speculations which one of the young ladies has the best chances? Insider tips welcome. For all those not participating: Who deserves the crown? Express your self we want to know more…


8 responses to “Good time to talk the talk of Miss India 2007

  1. calender

  2. too much nice

  3. Howz life out there in the spot light, how does it feels to be famous and know as the most beautifull women?

  4. Hey, Beauty Queen of 2007, how does it feel to be on top, good times, bad times? Please share with us!!!

  5. Manisha Tulaskar

    Please reject applications of women of no-indian origin for Miss India.Non-indians women tell peopel abroad about their no-indian origin and spoil our Indian image.Miss India only from Indian origin.

  6. Hello everyone,

    heres some inside story about Miss India.

    First of all, it feels great to be amont the top 25. I enjoyed every bit of my exprerience. I met some wonderful people and made some great friends.

    Miss India brings you a lot of fame and glory but at the cost of hard work and dedication.
    Unlike last year, this year’s training period was only 20 days and this made things extremely hectic. Rigorous work out in the morning, diet food and frequent shows and shoots.

    I hit it off very well with my roomie Yamini and fellow contestants Akansha and Akuonuo. We had a fantastic time during and after our training hours. I remember laughing till my stomach started to hurt.

    Leaving the results apart, 25 beauties and a lot of fun. Thats Miss India for you.

  7. hey howu fell in the top.

  8. is it true that the winner’s age is not her real age? Is that the fuzz about ‘miss india controversy’? I couldn’t find anything in the media so far.