KINGFISHER – Kerala Rocks 07

kingfisher kerala rocks 2007Kerala rocks 2007 If you ever thought that you could make it big and were waiting for the right opportunity. Well it’s knocking right on your doorstep. KINGFISHER – The King of Good Times – Kerala Rocks presents, the biggest rock talent hunt in Kerala, showcasing some of Kerala’s finest talent.The event will comprise of auditions in

16th 17th and 18th of March

24th and 25th of March

29th and 30th of March

The grand finale would be once again back in Cochin on the 8th of April, headlined by Kerala’s own rock legends Motherjane. Chilled beers, finger food, celebrity judges, all in all a complete head bangers ball.

So bring in those guitars and make some noise on those drums. See who will be crowned the God of Rock in Gods own country.

The judge panel of KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks will comprise of some of the finest in the industry of rock music.

Kerala’s own and internationally acclaimed rock band Motherjane will be part of the judging panel.

Indian Express music critic will also be on the panel with his vast experience and knowledge of the rock music industry.

Sujitha Menon a Rock singer and artist who has been involved with the rock industry for many years not just in India but as well as abroad will complete the judging panel.


The registration process for KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks is simple and very easy.

A dedicated hotline number 0484 2373775 are available for you to call in for any information relating to KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks.

An e-mail ID is also available for online registry –

Please send band name, contact number with address and e-mail ID. Name of band members and place of where you’d like take part in the above mentioned audition locations.

Send in the application to:

Asianet Communications Ltd.
“KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks”
Amman Kovil Cross
Cochin – 682035

Or just walk into your nearest Idearetailer in Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut and fill up the form given and drop it in the box.

An IVRS number (only IDEA subscribers) 4560560 will also be provided for contest and win invites for the shows.

The winning band of KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks will be given Rs.75,000 with a performance contract worth Rs 50,000.

The runner up band will get a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

The cut off date for all entries in all cities is 13th March 2007.

Kerala has been the stronghold of rock music in South India for a long time. KINGFISHER wants to discover the true talent that Kerala holds.

Each band at the audition would be given a maximum of 20 minutes to perform. The 20 minutes will include sound checks and setup of equipment. A drum kit along with guitar amps 2 numbers, keyboard amp, and 4 on stage monitors will be provided by the organizers. A maximum of 2 songs of the audition will be allowed to play in the allotted 20 minutes. The artists have additional 5 minutes to dismantle and leave the stage.

The judges will announce the winners of the auditions on the last day of the audition process. Only 2 rock bands from each city will make it to the grand final in Cochin, out of which there will be a winner and a runner up band.

The winning band would receive a cash prize of RS 75,000. As well as a performance contract of RS 50,000.

The runner up band will receive a cash prize of RS. 25,000.

The cut off date of the auditions of KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks will be the 13th of March 2007 before the Cochin16th. All the confirmed contestants would be required to come in on the 15th of March 2007 in order to finalize their timings and allotment schedules.

The same will work for all other venues as in Trivandrum contestants will have to arrive on venue on the 23rd of March 2007 and the Calicut28th of March 2007, in order to finalize their entries and allotment times.

Any form of covers or original compositions will be accepted. No particular preference to any either compositions or covers will be given.

You’ll be judged on;

Originality, Confidence, Presentation, Passion for Rock, Individual, Originality Capability

These are just some of the factors that the judges will be basing their conclusions on. So in order to be crowned the KINGFISHER Kerala Rockers in Gods Own Country – make some intense preparation to become number one.


14 responses to “KINGFISHER – Kerala Rocks 07

  1. Rocky Balboa


  2. Muraleedharan Nair – do you mean beer and rock?

  3. i am a bass guitarist of the band dimentions.we r not at all aware of the prog till last week.we are the rock band of calicut.we just enquired the IDEA delears the didnt tell anything about the cutoff date and we are not able to give the application form in the mentioned date.the authorities which you posted was absolutely waste!

  4. wats tat..????

  5. Dear Athul, we are sorry for the inconvenience and we certainly look into this matter. Will you be able to participate? Please get in touch with our organizer directly – Arun – he’ll be able to assist you: 0945692090 – Team KINGFISHER

  6. Hell Yeah!!!
    Nice going, KF!
    I hope this gets the underground scene in Kerala/Cochin, all hot and wet.
    Wish I could see all this happen….
    I hope you make this event a total, resounding success, such that, you will hold it next year, and I will be able to see the bands live next year atleast.

  7. Any metalheads in Kerala want to get connected? I am a malayali, but work and live in Dubai, and listen to extreme metal [real metal not the Korn/Limp B stuff], have been doing this since 1993.
    Let’s get talking, and when I come down to Alwaye [i live there], we could hook up and listen, to stuff have a beer or 2, and if you have a drum kit, I could screw around on it!!!

  8. Hi Athul we are the organisers of Kerala Rocks.Sorry for the inconvenience to regr. your band as we were all traveling to cochin and finished first event.Now we are back in town.If you haven’t registered your name send your band details interms of no. of people,names and contact calicut audition event is happing on 29th & 30th of march in The Exclusive club between 9:30 AM – 5:30 need to come to venue on 28th of March to register your name and get the allocation of timing to perform.

    Our contact no: 09945692090 – Arun
    09980084040 – Vilas

  9. hey there KF…id like to know when the 2008 program n audition starts…

  10. Hey Harold,

    KINGFISHER Kerala Rocks auditions kick off by end-January. Stay tuned for the dates and the venues. We are also planning a dedicated website for the event.


  11. hey there KF…i heard the kingfisher kerala rocks 2008 auditions start on 2nd or 3rd february…id b really grateful if you could let me know the dates and venue for the cochin auditions…tanx

  12. Let hell raise….
    hi..i’m aron from kochi.Iwanna watch dis show.How can i get de tickets……….sombody please help me…..

  13. Let the heads bunk in rage and let the rock rule in our vienssssssssss.. this is musharraf from trivandrum a recent rock FAn………………..
    …………….ROCK RULES ….