Daily Archives: January 31, 2007

Call for pictures – Kingfisher Mast Mumbaikar

Hello you lovely crowd: Some of you missed their picture up here – dressed in a wacky outfit during Mast Mumbaikar – don’t you? And indeed not all of you have been caught by our Kingfisher Reporter. If you have pictures from your own feel free to mail to mast@kingfisherworld.com and it will appear right here. We contacted India Times to support us with more captures – especially those we missed out. We are still awaitig their reply. Hello India Times, hello amateur photographers – any funny runners captured? It is good to read so much feedback – here the latest fuss: Mast Mumbaikar online can be accessed via Mobile Phones soon (GPRS connection required) – for all the impatient mast heads who need access on-the-go. ;) A question for all of you: Some of the mast mumbaikar’s refused to be put online and showed a high anti-symphathy towards their pictures online. We highly respect every individual’s privacy and did not take pictures from those who refused. We wanted to know: What is a reason not to be here? Is it an evil medium? Confidential answers (not publicly displayed on this blog) can be mailed to goodtimes@kingfisherworld.com – Good Night!