2birdies – Pelicans lead Mast Mumbaikar online

How was everybody’s weekend? Yes it is already Tuesday and 4 more days to go –
2birdies lead the pack of the Kingfisher online mast mumbaikar. We might delay announcement until next week Monday simply because more visitors will get the message and during the weekend a clear winner will shape. So far we have not received any hints who are these mysterious ones – hope to get closer information. Please spread message and find out. Please note that our blog will be soon integrated into Kingfisher World – with more interesting topics. C u !


7 responses to “2birdies – Pelicans lead Mast Mumbaikar online

  1. Hey… I’m one of the “2birdies”… what was this regarding???

  2. cool!! Kasturi – Here we go. Actually we monitor the comments and most visited pictures of this Kingfisher Mast Mumbaikar – online. 2birdies is the leader so far – the picture 2 guys and a girl or 2 girls and a guy see http://www.flickr.com/photos/kingfisherworld/365503262/ – follows shortly. The winner will take home a Kingfisher Mast Mumbaikar surprise coupon – stay online, we’ll announce the winner, Monday Feb 5th around noon.

  3. Thank you very much… we will stay online.. and thank you for the wonderful birdie picture that you’ve clicked.. all of us loved it!!!

  4. so when the gentlemen took our photograph that dark cold sunday morning, we had no idea we’d be famous;). But this is AWESOME!!!!

    Doesn’t matter if we win or not….this blog is pretty happening! i’m gonna be following it even after…:-)

  5. I am from Asha Handicrafts and we have been looking forward to seeing our picture on your website but it has not yet been put up.

    Kindly look into this matter, looking forward for the snaps.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Hello Lavina – do you remember your runner number(s)? I am not sure whether we took a picture from you – the number would be helpful and we try to locate it – Best from Kingfisher World.

  7. Hiya!!! We were just curious to know what happened to the Mast Mumbaikar thing for the Marathon… This is one of the 2birdies!!

    Thanks & Regards!