Daily Archives: January 24, 2007

mast mumbaikar online – get, set, go

It took all sorts to run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – see below the ones caught. It was carneval time, away from the working day and daily routines we face. It seems that as of now ‘2 guys and a girl or 2 girls and a guy’ is the most favourite picture (at least in terms of visits) in the Mast Mumbaikar online session. In about one and a half weeks we’ll review the most visited pictures for a final ‘winner’ – can we track down who are these 3 fellows as they really lead the pack in the statistics? In case you know more about them would be great to leave valid info in the comment field. Thanks to the ‘Run in Costume’ competition the whole event got a bit more lively and laid back. Wacky outfits ranging from the traditional to patriotic to bizarre were on display. Unfortunately we have no pictures from The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation group who raced in traditional Maharashtrian nine-yard sarees while putting on a short dance routine amidst the Dream Run. Plus we missed the Politics: Mahatma Gandhi lookalike who ran in the Senior Citizen’s Sprint – he was a prominent feature of the costume ball in the marathon. The McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald lookalike running for a charitable cause escaped our camera’s. We heard that Representatives from the Asian Heart Institute competed in animal outfits while runners from NGO Saathi sprinted dressed as peacocks. Just for your infomation: a runner dressed as a Kargil martyr, walked away with a prize cheque for Rs 15,000 for the Kingfisher Mast Mumbaikar (Best Dressed Runner). Worth to fun! Here the current top visited picture:

2 guys and a girl or 2 girls and a guy