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There have been quite a few around at 7 am, Azad Maidan. Does anybody

recognize these particular two? Apparently they belong to the People for

Pelican tribe and looked quite vital this morning. 9977 and 1248 were eager

to win. Wonder what their timing was.


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  1. Look mighty sweet…
    Birdies out in the dark.. not a usual sight…
    Birdies lacking little spirit but i think the long run might have made them all chirpy if not sweaty…
    Neways i think they look nice.. i m sure the others will agree with tht too… :)

  2. I must say U gals indeed look like Pelican birdies. Great shoe gals.Am really proud to be associted with the Pelican birdies .Keep it up!!!!

  3. I must say U gals indeed look like Pelican birdies. Great show gals.Am really proud to be associted with the Pelican birdies .Keep it up!!!!

  4. ooooooooohhhhhhhhlalalalala both of you look really KOOL!!! Now I can proudly say 2 ppl I personally know ran for the Mumbai Marathon. Cause we all definately know ;) hehehe

  5. Suhasini A. D'Silva

    Wow!!! Very Cute girli birdies!!! You gals really look dedicated to win. Wish you very good luck for next year’s marathon. Cheers!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Pelican Birdies,

    Really great! Keep it up.

  7. Birdies! Pelican Birdies! Kas is a Birdie. Birdie Kas!

  8. doing CVWS proud i see!

    i hv to say for the 2 of u..silent yet VERY efficient workers

    good goin gals:)

  9. Hello all: anybody knows 2birdies? How can we convey message to them?

  10. THEY WORK FOR CORPORATE VOICE WEBER SHANDWICK AND CAN BE REACHED ON 22812957/22812960. names are kasturi and roohi. they truly rock!!!

  11. Great PR guys…not just a profession awesome way of life! cheers to the birds..CHIRP CHIRP!

  12. You are rocking!!!

  13. now it is trickling in – 2 girls and 1 guy are head to head with 2birdies – however the feedbacks given to 2birdies – not counting mine ;) – outnumbers all others. To all above commenters: are you friends or colleagues? Anybody of you who will (or at least has plans) to particicpate in next year’s Mumbai Marathon? Oh – what is ‘People for Pelicans’ about? NGO? Sounds like people power in a political tensed environment – shortly before polling stations open their doors. Is PfP fighting for the rights of Pelicans ? – maybe Kingfisher should start a ‘People for Kingfisher’ movement and send in their own team ,,,;) – birds get united…

  14. Hey, babes, damn nice….!!!
    Good going…!

  15. Hey! That’s Cooooooool!!!

    Looks like the experience got you quite the attention you deserved for being out there on that cold, dark Sunday morning!!!! Congrats to both of you, n kudos to the Pelican savers!

  16. They are awesome. I like the way they are dressed up and that to for such a good cause not bothering of anything. It isn’t a surprise that most of the people don’t know what a “Pelican” is, bcoz their breed is slowly vanishing from this earth. So, jus to save their remaining breed these to Gorgeus females ran & completed 21Kms that was the Half Marathon of Mumbai Marathon which was held on the 21st Jan’2007. And finally not least, Cheers!!! to both for a Gr8 Job.

  17. I am really glad that these birds are not flying away from me – these are my main chicks and I love them.

    soar high but do not go too far away

  18. i have heard of peachy but this is jut beaky and its awesome to see their support for the soon to disappear species –

    unless i get hungry these birds have nothing to fear..

    god speed their success..

  19. I think its great that two sweet ppl are getting soooo popular.. Rocking people otherwise..
    Great people to work with and greater people as pals..
    Go for it guys!!.. I think next year if you decide to run then you should be penguins or ducks…
    Will definitely grab a lot more attention and become darlings of a couple more millions!!!!

  20. kasturi… u never ceaze to amaze me… where do u get all this energy from?

  21. Hey Pelican Birdies… u 2 look really very cute.. 2 grt girls running for too grt cause…
    keep it up!!!
    Few lines for both of u:

    You 2 girls are great,
    U’ll our everybodys favourite,
    All the best to both of you,
    Coz u are amongst those few,
    Running for a good cause,
    keep it up and never pause…

  22. Hey, congratulations to the birdies for getting to the 21 km mark (and glad you didn’t end up carcasses). You’ve definitely made an impression- keep it up, ladies!

  23. Hello Pelican gals… It was nice to see you striving for a cause and Congratulations for completing this task and making us feel so proud of you…. Great Job Done…..

  24. Very well done birdies… Congrats!!!
    All the best for your future…

  25. Hey.. u both look so kooooooollllllll…
    Wish i was there to cheer yourl at the marathon…
    Gr8 job gals… keep it up.

  26. damn neat!
    cant decide the cuter lot – the pelicans or the chicks :)

    keep it up gals – err, the spirit i meant ;)

  27. Great job guys!!! See you next marathon….we’ll run the FULL Marathon together, its a promise!

  28. Hats off to both of you.
    You both look cute with those Pelican caps.

  29. hello!!
    u guys rock!!!
    muaaaah!! :D

  30. heyyyya guys u really 2 littl running birdies….cheers!!!

  31. King and Queen of the Pelicans we;
    No other Birds so grand we see!
    None but we have feet like fins!
    With lovely leathery throats and chins!
    Ploffskin, Pluffskin, Pelican jee!
    We think no Birds so happy as we!
    Plumpskin, Ploshkin, Pelican jill!
    We think so then, and we thought so still!

  32. We live on the Nile. The Nile we love.
    By night we sleep on the cliffs above;
    By day we fish, and at eve we stand
    On long bare islands of yellow sand.
    And when the sun sinks slowly down
    And the great rock walls grow dark and brown,
    Where the purple river rolls fast and dim
    And the Ivory Ibis starlike skim,
    Wing to wing we dance around,—
    Stamping our feet with a flumpy sound,—
    Opening our mouths as Pelicans ought,
    And this is the song we nighly snort;—

  33. Ploffskin, Pluffskin, Pelican jee!
    We think no Birds so happy as we!
    Plumpskin, Ploshkin, Pelican jill!
    We think so then, and we thought so still!

  34. Last year came out our daughter, Dell;
    And all the Birds received her well.
    To do her honour, a feast we made
    For every bird that can swim or wade.
    Herons and Gulls, and Cormorants black,
    Cranes, and flamingoes with scarlet back,
    Plovers and Storks, and Geese in clouds,
    Swans and Dilberry Ducks in crowds.
    Thousands of Birds in wondrous flight!
    They ate and drank and danced all night,
    And echoing back from the rocks you heard
    Multitude-echoes from Bird to bird,—

  35. Yes, they came; and among the rest,
    The King of the Cranes all grandly dressed.
    Such a lovely tail! Its feathers float
    between the ends of his blue dress-coat;
    With pea-green trowsers all so neat,
    And a delicate frill to hide his feet,—
    (For though no one speaks of it, every one knows,
    He has got no webs between his toes!)

  36. As soon as he saw our Daughter Dell,
    In violent love that Crane King fell,—
    On seeing her waddling form so fair,
    With a wreath of shrimps in her short white hair.
    And before the end of the next long day,
    Our Dell had given her heart away;
    For the King of the Cranes had won that heart,
    With a Crocodile’s egg and a large fish-tart.
    She vowed to marry the King of the Cranes,
    Leaving the Nile for stranges plains;
    And away they flew in a gathering crowd
    Of endless birds in a lengthening cloud.

  37. And far away in the twilight sky,
    We heard them singing a lessening cry,—
    Farther and farther till out of sight,
    And we stood alone in thesilent night!
    Often since, in the nights of June,
    We sit on the sand and watch the moon;—
    She has gone to the great Gromboolian plain,
    And we probably never shall meet again!
    Oft, in the long still nights of June,
    We sit on the rocks and watch the moon;—
    ——She dwells by the streams of the Chankly Bore,
    And we probably never shall see her more.
    Ploffskin, Pluffskin, Pelican jee!
    We think no Birds so happy as we!
    Plumpskin, Ploshkin, Pelican jill!
    We think so then, and we thought so still!

  38. My, what long beaks you have!

    Cheers, Mariza

  39. Parijat Kaushik

    Two things I love about this picture…

    1) Its not everyday that two chicks run a 21km marathon and metamorphose into Pelicans…Good job babes… I felt vicariously excited…

    2) Roohi’s lopsided smile…which can mean anything in the world (mostly, it means she is contemplating but, you never know what…)

    Amazing feat yaar…. Keep on rocking in the free world!!

  40. Ritwik Borthakur

    Birdy Birdy on the run
    The cause is gr8 and the road is fun
    No, PR doesnt stand for Public Races
    But these two are those special cases
    So the agency is peppy and the clients are happy
    Both thubs up … a job well done.

  41. Lookin good, birdies!! I’m sure the 21k run did ur muscles a lotta good :) Well done!!