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full stampede – the mumbai police

full stampede – the mumbai police

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They rocked the grounds and outnumbred the groups. We stopped counting them

– there were simply too many.

We hoped they’d run in their uniforms.


superman with superhat

superman with superhat

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we found out he is the friend of Harlequin. Where is his cape? At least his

pants are short.

Harelquin saves the trees

Harelquin saves the trees

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A comic character in commedia dell’arte and the harlequinade, masked,

dressed in multi gree-colored.This one is a special one: Harlequin carries

his personal mumbai marathon mission on his backside: Save trees – don’t cut


Male, Threesome and Ivory

Male, Threesome and Ivory

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Threesome and Ivory started in camouflage style this morning. Did they ever

reach the finish line? They need water, water and again water. Numeros 6112,

6080, 675? and 675? Where are you?



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There have been quite a few around at 7 am, Azad Maidan. Does anybody

recognize these particular two? Apparently they belong to the People for

Pelican tribe and looked quite vital this morning. 9977 and 1248 were eager

to win. Wonder what their timing was.